A Letter From A Mother To Her Rebellious Child

Dear my son and my daughter
This is a letter from a weak mother, written with a sense of shame after a long period of doubt and indecision. I hold the pen over and over again and then stopped, and I put the pen again as tears many times followed by groaning hearts.

Dear my son and my daughter
After a long journey, I think you’ve grown up and have a perfect mind and soul. While I have a right over you, then read this letter, and if you are not pleased, Tear off this letter as you have ripped my heart.

Dear my son and my daughter
Twenty-five years ago was a very happy day of my life. When the doctor told me that I was pregnant. All mothers would know the meaning of that expression, namely accumulation of happiness and joy, as well as the initial struggle with the various physical and psychological changes. After I received the good news, I gladly carried you for nine months.

I was standing, sleeping, eating and breathing with difficulty. But it all does not cause the demise of my love to you and happiness I welcome your presence. Even my sense of love and longing for you to flourish and grow day by day. I carried you in a weak condition and grow weak, growing pains and pains. I am very happy with your weight even more weight, but the pregnancy was very hard for me.

That struggle will be followed by the shining light of happiness after the passage of a long night, which made me unable to sleep and my eyelids can not be closed. I feel extreme pain, fear and anxiety that can not be described by pen and could not be disclosed to oral rhetoric. I have seen death many times with my own eyes, so that eventually you are born into this world. Crying tears of joy mingled with tears I’ve removed all the pain and hurt I felt.

Dear my son and my daughter
Has passed the years of your age, and I carry you always in my heart. I bathe you with my hands. My lap as a pillow you. My chest as your food. I’m just so you can sleep all night. I trace with fatigue during the day for your happiness. My dream is to see you smile every day. And my dream all the time are you asking for something I can do for you. That’s the peak of my happiness.

That the days and nights I spent as a waitress who never wasted you one a bit. As a woman who breastfeeding you endlessly and as a worker who was never broken until you grow up and become a teenager. And begin to appear the signs of your maturity. When it all, my future wife to and fro to find what you want. Then came the wedding. My heart rate was stopped and the tears of joy streaming down my rushing to see your new life and as sad parting with you.

Moments that are so severe has been passed. But you no longer like my son, as I know so far. Truly you have been ignoring me and not care about my rights. The days passed and I no longer see nor hear your voice. You are indifferent to me who have been the servants who take care of you..

Dear my son and my daughter
I did not ask for anything other than this position myself as his closest fellow servant with you.  Make me as one terminal of everyday life, so I can see even a single moment.

Dear my son and my daughter
My back was bent. Members of my body was shaking. Various diseases has made me more vulnerable. The pain is always plagued me. I was hard to stand or sit, but my heart still loves you.

Suppose if there is someone that you glorify a day, of course, you will praise the goodness and beauty of their character. In fact, I was really doing good to you, but you do not see it and would not repay me. I have been a servant and had to take care of many years. So where is the reciprocation should you exert? Is that as hard as your heart? Is the busiest days you have taken all your time?

Dear my son and my daughter
I feel the happiness and excitement grew when I saw you a happy life, because you are my baby. What have I done to you against me, do not like to see me, and you find it hard to see me? Have I ever done anything wrong to you or I care less satisfy you?

Make me like a servant that you give wages. Pour a drop of your affection. Think about my services and do good. Indeed, God so loved the people who do good.

Dear my son and my daughter
I really wish I could met you. I do not want anything else. Let me see your face and grim episodes of anger.

Dear my son and my daughter
Reserving opportunities in your heart to do gentle with the old woman, who covered this longing and sadness overwhelmed. What makes the grief as food and as a blanket of sadness. You’ve shed my tears. You have made my heart sad, and you have severed ties with me.

I do not complain about my pain and sorrow to His presence, because if I stir up this matter to the gate of clouds and sky, I’m afraid punishment will befall you, and accidents will happen in your household, because of your iniquities. No, I do not want that. You continue to be my baby and my world decoration.

Keep in mind, O my darling!
Aging began to appear in parts of the hair. Year after year will pass, and you will become old and weak, while every act must be repaid by God accordingly. You will write a letter to each of your children with tears, as I wrote for you.

Tear off this letter after you read it. But know, anyone who labor well, the goodness it for himself, and who do evil, then you will get a bad response from the Lord.


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