Earn Dollars By PTC Program (Part II)


For those who have not read the article “Looking Through Dollar PTC Part I” do not continue reading this article …!

In the previous article has discussed the notion of PTC and how to join the program in detail. I hope you all have to understand it. Now we start to discuss more deeply about this PTC program.

Are you ready … OK!

Well if you’re ready for the follow-up PTC program, let us just the same look for the dollar on the internet!

(WISE bloggers always put the link source / author of the article)

According to my advice on Part I, follow several programs at once (a trusted and proven paid), so that visible results quickly. By opening multiple accounts, you can open many pages in the same time, meaning you get the money from several different PTC sites in one same time.

In addition, sometimes a site only displays a few ads in a single day, although the previous day could be up to tens of ads. So with a lot of accounts, when site A does not have ads, you can still get money from the site B.

So easy, I chose some good programs to be followed and but later proved to pay at the end of the article, once you really understand of course. For program details can be found at each site. After registering do not forget to click on and actively seek referrals / downline as much, so quickly get the money.

Register and focus on those programs.

You must be diligent to click every day and is also actively looking for referrals, undoubtedly a lot of money flowing into your bank account. Interest or no interest, just register your name in order for you to know. All FREE.

Now I will explain to you how to register on PTC sites and procedures / rules in this program. For example, PTC is http://www.bux.to (not recommended to upgrade, only to learn it)

  • Sign up at paypal.com alertpay.com or first. Register in alertpay.com
  • After the list, visit the PTC website http://www.bux.to (not recommended for the upgrade, only to learn it)
  • Then click the Register, see above right or Join now to get $ 0.05  Sign Up Bonus.
  • Then fill in your data correctly.
  • Please enter your Alertpay data although not yet verified.
  • After you’ve registered, you can log in and click on the ads.
  • Click login, then fill in username, password and your existing code.
  • Once you log in, go to Surf Ads, is where there are advertisements, in the form of text link ads, click one by one, wait approximately 30 seconds, you see at the top of the page there is the countdown from 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, … until there is a sign of “Done V”, you can close it, then click again the next ad.
  • If the ad is up look the next day, go back to their site and login http://www.bux.to then click Surf Ads, and click on the ads again one by one as usual.

Remember to click on his ads do not forget you need to login. Click  ads one by one, you can not click as well, should one by one, if both or more than one will display an error message signs like this “X”. That means you do not get the dollars.

(WISE bloggers always put the link source / author of the article)

To view click on My Stats earnings, if your earnings have reached $ 10, you can pull cash out with a click, select Convert to Cash Via Alertpay, after Cashout not mean you go straight to your Alertpay, but that it takes 60 business days (Saturday , Sunday and public holidays excluding business days).

In the same way, you can register for programs other PTC.  So as not to confuse you, usually to sign up click

Register, Join, Join Now, member, Sign Up, etc.. Each website is different but the PTC writings on perinsipnya remain the same. Like the way the list of Sign Up there, there is a register, there is a Join and so on. This is not to confuse you.

To login: “login”, “Sign In”, “member login”, “member”, etc..

To click on ads is a “Surf Ads”, “View Ads”, “Surf”, etc..

Previously I’d like you to do is copy and paste the link below to be my referral and do so as a thank you for the information I provide, “internet = network” (another one connected to each other). You also want your referral candidates will follow your referral link is not it?.

Here is a list of international PTC programs

Copy and paste the link below in your browser one by one and immediately register yourself:

  1. http://bux.to/?r=azhary71 (not recommended for the upgrade, only to learn it)
  2. http://www.max-ptc.com/?r=azhary71
  3. http://www.neobux.com/?r=azhary71 (not an upgrade, was tested by http://www.bestptc.com)
  4. http://www.firebux.net/?r=azhary71
  5. http://www.bux3.com/?r=azhary71
  6. http://www.upbux.com/r?r=azhary71
  7. http://www.earneasycash.info/index.php?ref=azhary71
  8. http://www.linkgrand.com/?r=195419

Good luck and SUCCESS FOR ALL!

(WISE bloggers always put the link source / author of the article)

Do you want to know the link PTC has gone wrong?

>>> click here>>>


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  1. Cool, I got $156 from cashlot.co.uk/?5582.

    • Congratulations bro…

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