Earn Dollars By PTC Programs (part I)

Did you know that in the world of internet business or internet marketing a lot of terms used? Maybe it’s a lot of people who have heard even know the terminology or maybe there is some / a lot of people who did not know it. For those who do not know or do not understand all the terms of this article may be a lot of help to the new co-netter into the internet world.

In this article I will tell you the terms of the PTC (Paid To Click), this is the way and the explanations:

What does PTC’s?

PTC is an abbreviation of (Paid To Click). A term in the internet business program that pays members for every click on a particular page and wait for a few seconds to see an ad. Yes, simply click on it!

Why PTC site can pay you?

The logic is simple, each time you open a page, there must be ads on the page. From where PTC site to earn money to pay you.

It simple like this:

Other companies advertise on PTC, the company pays the cost of PTC, the PTC site pays you. Very logical is not it?

How do you get paid?

There are several options

  • Paid via Paypal (online currency). Furthermore from Paypal can be directly transferred to your bank. Information about PayPal can be viewed at paypal.com
  • Paid via e-gold / alertpay / other online currencies) other. Next exchangeable into your currency and transferred to your bank. (but generally used for PTC is Alertpay)
  • Shipped via check to the various countries. To signup please click the paypal.com, e-gold.com, alertpay.com

How much you get paid?

Every PTC website has a provision and the rules different in payment. Please see the website of each PTC. But usually you will pay between 1-2 cents or $ 0.01  or $ 0.02 per click.  And if you pull / invite another member (referral) to join then you will get also from 1-2 cents per click which made the referral member. If the analogy in the real business world, you could say you get a commission over and over. The number of ads that can be clicked per day varies, depending on the site. There are dozens, there is more than that, sometimes there is a range of 1-10 only. Relative. But usually if you upgrade your membership, then you will get more ads can be clicked in a day.

To be sure, the money that you can get  depend on your activity. The more often you log in and click, then the more money you can. The more referrals (downline) you, the more your income too.

As an illustration, this rough calculation:

* Every click worth $ 0.01
* You click 10 ads per day = $ 0.10
* 10 referrals (downline) click 10 ads per day = $ 0.10
* Your daily earnings = $ 2.10
* Your weekly earnings = $ 14.70
* Your monthly earnings = $ 63.00

Hmmm… not too bad isn’t it? Not too big, not too small but for a business program that is very easy  (just click & click on it). More over, it’s easy to run this business does not take a lot of your time. It only took 5 minutes per day per program to be earning as above. By assumption, the time required to open a commercial is 30 seconds.

* 10 pages x 30 seconds per ad = 5 min

But wait … it was just from one PTC program ….
Why do not you join many programs?
What if you do tens / hundreds of clicks per day?
What if you have tens / hundreds of referrals referrals?
Imagine, how many thousands of U.S. $ you can achieve!

Tips make a lot of MONEY?

Ok maybe now you are interested about this PTC business. Now you may ask, “how to get a lot of money from this PTC program?”

The answer is easy, which you obviously have to be disciplined and willing to spend 5 minutes a day just for one program. Perform some simple tips below, and your income will increase.

Here are some tips & tricks:

Login each day and do as much as possible clicks.

Login each day to quickly see the latest ad! Sometimes there are ads only valid for one day, so try (not necessarily) in order to log in every day not left behind. Click all the ads, click all the ads that can be clicked. The more ads you click, the more money you make.

Follow the many PTC programs at once.

While waiting 30 seconds to “watch” pages from one PTC site, you can open another page. Make the best time. If 5-10 can open several pages at a time from PTC programs, why not?

Look for referrals / referral as much as possible!

Any time you register on the site would have links PTC referral URL, tell your friends sign up from that link. Spread your referral URL to your friends, and ask to join through your referral URL. Promote via email, include the mailing list, put in the forum, give a message at YM, write on your blog, and so forth.

With affiliate programs, each referral you click, you will get a “commission” as well. Not at all lucky. you get a reply of services to inform, you also get a referral valuable info you know about PTC programs.

Upgrade your account!

If you have money (e-gold / alertpay / paypal) and able to upgrade, do it. Because the upgrade money you get from each click will more and more, because sometimes upgraded member kliknya more votes. In addition, sometimes there are ads that can only be clicked by upgraded member.

To Search Referral, Make a Blog

Which contains an explanation of the PTC, best PTC sites that can be followed and also tips tricks PTC. Include your affiliate link there, so people who are interested sign up below you.

I am interested, eager to join!

Click the text below  (not available at this time, soon I’ll give you The Part II)

>>>>> join a trusted PTC and PTC sites list black list>>>>>

(A wise blogger always put the link source from the author)


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